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Snake Game is one of the most sought following games and its demand never lessens with all the passage of time. It's one of the few games which have stood the test of time. The game is depending on a easy set of guidelines as well as children can simply play it. It can be very addictive and may maintain you hooked for hours.

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The player is given manage of a snake which need to be fed with stuff that appears around the screen. After the snake eats anything, it grows. Bonus meals stuff will also appear on the screen and from time to time the bonus food will grant further powers towards the snake. The player should be cautious and not let the snake collide using the walls or crash into itself. The boundary of the area in which the snake is permitted to slither make up the walls in which the snake will not be supposed to collide. As the snake goes on feeding, it lengthens and this actually increases the possibilities of collisions. Some games make the snake choose up speed as the levels advance and this needs greater skill.

A lot of variations on the snake game were launched following the games popularity. A colored version, a 3D version and an adventure version of this game also exist. The classic version of this game will be the fundamental game and in this the snake gets longer and longer plus the level ends only when the snake collides with itself or the walls. Bonus food products also can be collected within the classic version.

Snake games also include various levels. In this the user have to consume a fixed variety of meals items so as to start off the following level. With every new level, the snake gets quicker and its more difficult to gather meals without having colliding.

In 3-D versions from the game, the snake is really realistic and so could be the atmosphere. The colorful graphics will surely give the player a wonderful expertise.

This game was initially launched by Gremlin, in the 1970s. However its sudden popularity could be largely attributed to the truth that it was incorporated inside the normal Nokia handsets. This produced the game easily accessible to a large audience. As well as the simple guidelines on the game along with the ease of controlling the snake applying the quantity pad has created this game quite popular. This game is confident to keep you happily engaged for hours together and offer numerous thrill and excitement.

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